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Office Location: Huiyuan International Building, 1779 Yan'an Road, Baohe District, Hefei City
Factory Location: Qingquan Road, Xunhuan Economic Park, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
Domestic Trade Department:
Foreign Trade Department:
Technical Department:
Administration Department:

Our Target:
To build a high-tech agro-chemical enterprise

Production & Development Base:
Occupied floor area: 22500 sq. meters; Production line: 12 lines; Annual production capacity: 3,000 metric tons: (including bactericide, insecticides, acaricides, herbicides, biological microelement fertilizers)

Our Services:
Our experts team will be responsible for technical consultation and offering of effective solutions.

What we have:
Keen market sense+
Scientific analysis+
Experienced team+
Perfect H.R. strategy+
Sound and robust network+
Smooth marketing and logistic channel=success

"Create Natural World and Wonderful Life"! We hope to reduce the crop diseases in China, and boost the modernization of China's agricultural industry.

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